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Dr. Clyde Roper - Squid Researcher

The students from Rye Jr. High School (Rye, NH) spoke with Dr. Clyde Roper. Dr. Roper is a expert on squid and other cephalopods. He is well known for his research on the Giant Squid! Find out more about Dr. Roper, his work and, of course, squid!

The audio is available for download below.
14 MB

Earthcast 2011

Earth Day is April 22, 2011! We will be webcasting as much as possible on this day using as many time zones as possible. See the schedule at:

Earthcast 2011 - Pre-events

Live event for participants who are not in school or available for April 22, 2011. We will record these events to be aired again on Earth Day.

Time: 9:00 am GMT (1:00 pm EDT, 10:00 am PDT) For other time zones, check below.

If you are interested in participating, but not sure how, please get in touch with the team. Contact info is on the wiki at

Check your time zone at

Australian Flooding

Students of an afterschool club will interview Amanda Marrinan, a teacher from Brisbane, Australia. She will discuss the recent flooding in Queensland.

Australian Flooding

Learn about the flooding happening in Queensland, Australia, with a teacher from Brisbane, Amanda Marrinan. She will be interviewed by students of an afterschool club with Lisa Parisi.

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