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About Earthbridges and Earthcast

The Earthbridges Community is happy to report that Earthcast, which is a live, global webcast that will take place on April 22. Earthcast16 was our ninth year in a row that the Earthbridges community was involved in the production of this event and we hope to build upon our successes of the past in many ways. During previous Earthcasts, we had contributions from people on different continents broadcasting in several different languages. We hope to have even more participation from more people around the globe during the upcoming Earthcast. Additional information is available on the Earthcast wikispace. Keep checking back for updates and to view the schedule to plan how you and your students can participate in this exciting event. Thank you for your support!

Earthbridges is part of the Worldbridges Community.

Earthbridges Live Studio

Welcome to the Live Studio!

To listen or watch the live webcast click on the YouTube play button. 
When not streaming live, recordings of earlier broadcasts will be loaded below. 

**We will split up the broadcast in sections. Please scroll down for the live session. If it does not seem available, please refresh the webpage. 

The chat room is on the right hand side. You may have to scroll to see it. Feel free to ask questions in the chat. To enter the chatroom, log in with social media or as a guest.  Please do not post any private information in the chat. 


Earthcast 2016

#1 - Rye, NH students - Green Class

#2 - Rye, NH students - Yellow Class

DIY projects are at

#3 - Rye, NH students Open Session (Students are in other classes.)

#4 - Open Session (Not all students are available.)

#5 Earthcast - Rye Jr High Students - Red Class

#6 Earthcast - Rye Jr High Students - Blue Class


Highlights from Earthcast2015

SeaTrek - Mote High School Interns


Archive of Col. Kittinger with Rye, NH students.



(NOTE - Chatroom can pop out. Look for double rectangles on the top right corner.)


EarthCast 2013

Join us here, live, on April 19th for the Earth Day webcast - Earthcast 2013! Starting at 8:15 am EDT.

Check your time zone here:

EarthCast 2012

Many of the students will be streaming today instead of April 22, Earth Day. Please join us by listening or participating. Please see the wiki to see how you can participate on this day. Wiki is at

Podcast Contest

Teachers Without Borders and Earth Bridges Present

Earth Day 2011 Podcasting Competition

Our theme for EarthCast 2011: "A Better World for All"


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