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Sheila Adams

Australian Flooding

Students of an afterschool club will interview Amanda Marrinan, a teacher from Brisbane, Australia. She will discuss the recent flooding in Queensland.

Australian Flooding

Learn about the flooding happening in Queensland, Australia, with a teacher from Brisbane, Amanda Marrinan. She will be interviewed by students of an afterschool club with Lisa Parisi.

Space Shuttle Launch (Almost) Part 2 of 2

The wind started up much stronger and the tent we were in was becoming unstable.
Andrea from Australia.
Again, the camera cycled through its modes and we couldn't control it. Wind eventually took over but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the launch pad. This will be edited at a later date.

Earthcast Echo - Dec 18, 3pm EST (7pm GMT)

We will be interviewing Florence Reed. She is the president of Sustainable Harvest International. ( Find out more about this non-profit organization.

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