Earthcast 2014

On April 22, 2014, the Earthbridges community webcasted live for several hours to recognize Earth Day. We had many people from around the globe who planned and contributed to this event we call, Earthcast.

The broadcast was divided into 6 parts.

     Part 1 - Introduction by Rye Jr High School students.  (Sheila Adams)
         - Class Afloat - Learn about school on a tall ship and how it relates to Earth Day (Jenn Williams)
         - Sea Trek TV (MOTE) - Sharks Alive! (Jason Robertshaw)

     Part 2 - Rye Jr High School students. (Sheila Adams)
        - Yellow class
        - Lunch group
        - Movie trailers
        - Poetry

     Part 3 - Derrall Garrison and his students at San Jose, California

     Part 4 - Rye Jr High Students - Red and Blue Classes

     Part 5 - Rye Jr High Students - Green class and wrap-up from New Hampshire

     Part 6 - Andreas Auwarter from Koblenz, Germany
            - In German and English
            - Music

Special thank you to Jeff Lebow, Peggy George, Derrall Garrison, Andreas Auwarter, Andreas Fischer, Jason Robertshaw, Jenn Williams, Vance Stevens and the rest of the Earthbridges community for planning and contributing in this year's Earthcast!      - Sheila Adams and grade 7 students