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April 20, 2018 - Earthcast 2018 - Earth Day webcast. Please join us in the Live Studio.   #earthcast18

Earthcast 2018 - April 20th - Eleventh Year!

It's our eleventh year! The Earthbridges Community is happy to report that Earthcast, which is a live, global webcast that will take place on April 20, 2018, two (school) days before Earth Day. Earthcast18 will be our eleventh year that the Earthbridges community has been involved in the production of this event and we hope to build upon our successes of the past in many ways.

During previous Earthcasts, we have had contributions from people on different continents broadcasting in several different languages. We hope to continue participation from more people around the globe during the upcoming Earthcast. Additional information is available on the Earthcast wikispace. Keep checking back for updates and to view the schedule to plan how you and your students can participate in this exciting event. Thank you for your support!

Earthbridges is part of the Worldbridges Community.


Ways to Participate

You can participate on or before the day of the webcast (April 20, 2018)!   • Participate on the day by listening in the Live Studio and chat room.   • Leave a video message on our Flipgrid at  • Create something to share during the live webcast. Contact  • Webcast a live event to add to our day. Contact to reserve a time slot. (We use Google Hangouts on Air.)   

Earthcast Echo - Webcasts During The Year

During the year, we will be webcasting live on various topics. Please join us by listening to the stream and participating in the chat room. (Past events are posted below.)In the past, we have interviewed Col. Joe Kittinger. He holds the record for the longest free fall from 19 miles! His height record was just broken. Students also interviewed Gregory Whitney, NASA, Flight Director. He is also a former student from our school, Rye Jr High School, in Rye, NH. (Sheila Adams - Webcaster)

Earthcast 2009, Hour #3 Gator Radio Experience

 Earthcast2009 - Hour#3
Gator Radio Experience
April 22, 2009
A Discussion with students from
Shanghai No.3 Girls High School

Chat Log Below


37:00 minutes (16.94 MB)

Earthcast'09 Keynote - Everyday Environmentalism

Earthcast 2009 - Hour#1
April 22, 2009

Jason Czarnezki  Keynote Presentation
Everyday Environmentalism

Chat Log Below

55:44 minutes (25.52 MB)

Have your voice heard on Earth Day!

Please visit the following link and leave an audio comment on your thoughts relating to all things environment. We'll play your comments during the live, 24 hour Earthcast09 Webcastathon on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009!


Matt Montagne

Earthcast09 Team Member


Earthcast 09

The 24 Hour Earthcast'09  is now complete
Stay tuned for archived recording and
information about upcoming events

Earthcast Quicklinks


Welcome to the Earthbridges Community! After the successful Earthcast08 24 Hour Webcastathon on Earth Day 2008, the Earthbridges Community was founded! We are an international community dedicated to working on issues of environmental sustainability. Please take a moment and say hello and introduce yourself to the community. I look forward to working with you in the Earthbridges community!! Matt Montagne Earthbridges Team Member

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