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Earthcast Echo - Webcasts During The Year

During the year, we will be webcasting live on various topics. Please join us by listening to the stream and participating in the chat room. (Past events are posted below.)In the past, we have interviewed Col. Joe Kittinger. He holds the record for the longest free fall from 19 miles! His height record was just broken. Students also interviewed Gregory Whitney, NASA, Flight Director. He is also a former student from our school, Rye Jr High School, in Rye, NH. (Sheila Adams - Webcaster)

Earth Day 2010 by Carolyn Stanley


Carolyn Stanley created a wonderful short digital story about the many environmentally friendly things that she and her husband do around the house.

Thanks to Carolyn for contributing this video response to our original YouTube Challenge from a few months ago!

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Earthcast 2010 Preview - 20:00 GMT with Robert Squires & Professor Len Broberg of the University of Montana

Hour 21 of Earthcast 2010 features a conversation between webcaster Robert Squires and University of Montana Professor, Len Broberg, on the topic of "Global Climate Change Policy." With the recent world climate summit in Copenhagen, this promises to be an interesting discussion. Catch up with Robert's work on Edtechtalk by visiting his "Instructional Design Live" archives page.

Earthcast 2010 Preview - 16:30 -17:30 GMT with Scott Meech and Students from Joseph Sears Middle School in Chicago, Illinois, USA

From 16:30-17:30 GMT Scott Meech and the Students in the "Green Team" at Joseph Sears Middle School outside of Chicago, Illinois in the USA will be conducting a panel discussion on the green efforts that they are leading in their school and community. Scott and his students will feature a mixture of live and pre-recorded content.

Earthcast 2010 Preview - 1:00-3:00 GMT with Youth Webcasters from California

Listen in live to the second and third hours of the Earthcast 2010 24 Hour webcastathon on April 22nd, 2010 as a group of youth webcasters from Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California, take the mic.

Earthcast 2010 Preview - 21:00 GMT with ben N ben on "Paperless Classrooms"

In preparation for Earthcast 2010, we'll be doing a series of blog posts that highlight the many wonderful sessions that will be taking place throughout this 24 Hour webcastathon regarding all-things-environment.

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