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Earthcast 2015 - April 22nd!  Do you want to participate? Schedule is coming in March!

Earthcast 2010 Preview - 16:30 -17:30 GMT with Scott Meech and Students from Joseph Sears Middle School in Chicago, Illinois, USA

From 16:30-17:30 GMT Scott Meech and the Students in the "Green Team" at Joseph Sears Middle School outside of Chicago, Illinois in the USA will be conducting a panel discussion on the green efforts that they are leading in their school and community. Scott and his students will feature a mixture of live and pre-recorded content. This is the second consecutive year that the students from Joseph Sears will be joining us - click here to convert 16:30 GMT to your region of the world and tune in to what promises to be a great webcast. 

Check out the rest of the lineup for our 24 Hour webcastathon over at our wiki

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