Space Shuttle Discovery Launch (Almost) Part 1 of 2

150 people were chosen around the world to participate in NASA's Tweetup at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. I was one lucky participant. Two full days of activities were planned for us that culminated in the launch of STS-133, Discovery space shuttle. Unfortunately, there were delays for several days and eventually it was postponed until November 30, 2010 (4 am). Although we didn't see the launch, we did get to see and do things at KSC that most people don't.
I met up with another teacher, David Glenn, from North Carolina. We took the opportunity to webcast on this final day of activities, just after we heard about the launch being scrubbed.
This is rather long and I'll edit much later, but wanted people to be able to access it now. This segment does include the interview with Dan Tani, astronaut who has logged many days in space on several missions.