International Polar Year - Antarctica

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International Polar Year - Antarctica

The International Polar Year (IPY), which begins in March 2007 and continues until 2009, is a program of international research and education focused on the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Our 8th grade teacher, from Rye, New Hampshire, USA, is currently working with a research team in Antarctica. She is diving under the lake ice in the Dry Valleys. You can follow along with her journey by:

1. Reading her online journal
2. Ask questions on Ask The Team
3. Get updates on Twitter, @Antarctica_NH
4. Participate in Live Chats through

Our first live chat is Monday, Nov. 10, 1:30 pm EST.

Most everything above is linked off of her webpage at:

Interview with another teacher - Jeff Peneston

Another teacher from NY will be traveling to Antarctica by ship, specifically an icebreaker called the ODEN.

Our school will be interviewing him and streaming the event on Wednesday, Nov. 12 at 11 am EST.

Jeff Peneston's web site

Ustream on

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