Earthcast 2009, Hour #4 Gator Radio Experience

Earthcast 2009 - Hour #4
Gator Radio Experience
April 22, 2009


The Gator Radio Experience talks with Terry Fay of Madison, Wisconsin USA about eating locally. During the second half of the show with visit with Linda Yates and Paul Holland about building green and the clean tech industry. A special thank you to Sam Wiley of "The Wiley One" hip hop band for allowing us to play his fantastic song, Go Green, throughout Earthcast 2009.

Chat Log Below




23:00:03  mrsdurff ->  like Lorna would say, gatorradio is ordinary students doing extraordinary things
 23:00:24  PeggyG ->  absolutely mrsdurff!
 23:01:21  nicola-gatorradio ->  stay online for movie review
 23:01:39  PeggyG ->  I'll be waiting nicola :-)
 23:01:45  mrsdurff ->  clap, clap
 23:02:29  JL ->
 23:02:40  PeggyG ->  fascinatinig--home cheese making
 23:02:58  mjmontagne ->  w00t! Another wisconsin person on Earthcast09!!
 23:03:06  mrsdurff ->  made me hungry - raided fridge - ww vegan garlic pizza
 23:03:14  carolteach4 ->  Here is a segment from my blog about a young girl who has a terrific blog about young people making a difference. I thought of it when I heard the students talk about giving up their gifts:
 23:03:25  carolteach4 ->  Here it is:I listened to the recording of a webinar from Edutopia with Will Richardson on Making Global Connections and on how the web is changing our lives and opening up our world. He showed how one young girl's blog has reached out to audiences world wide. When her grandfather died in Dec. of 2007, she decided to make a difference in her community for each of 25 days. Then she decided, with her mother's permission and guidance, to blog about it. Her project has grown into nearly 365 days of making a difference in her community and has touched and inspired others all over the world to do the same. Here is the address of her blog: 
 23:04:08  carolteach4 ->  Please take a look at her blog; it's pretty amazing how she's inspired others all over the world.
 23:04:22  PeggyG ->  How inspiring carolteach4-thanks for the link
 23:04:43  PeggyG ->  Holy Cows in Hog Heaven?? is that right?
 23:05:06  mjmontagne ->  King Corn...AWESOME
 23:05:19  mjmontagne ->  The Turth According to Monsanto is another
 23:05:33  carolteach4 ->  Please make sure that there are links to all the books he mentions. 
 23:05:52  LorrieD ->  Yes, Holy Cows in Hog Heaven by Salatin.
 23:06:13  PeggyG ->  movie trailer for King Corn :-)
 23:06:24  PeggyG ->  thanks LorrieD
 23:06:58  carolteach4 ->  I love the fact that the Obama family is planting a garden on the White House lawn.
 23:07:20  PeggyG ->  great suggestion--local farmers' markets
 23:07:32  carolteach4 ->  So much land is wasted with cultivated lawns - so much pollution with all the pesticides
 23:07:44  mjmontagne ->  knowing how and where our food comes from is important
 23:07:55  carolteach4 ->  Farmer's markets are great; one opened a mile from my house.
 23:08:01  mjmontagne ->  we're so removed from our food systems
 23:08:04  malaika-gatorradio ->  any questions?
 23:08:17  PeggyG ->  that's so true Matt
 23:08:39  mjmontagne ->  malaika is flying solo a bit and doing a great job!
 23:08:41  mrsdurff ->  Go Vegans!
 23:08:48  PeggyG ->  I love the questions you're asking and I'm learning a lot!
 23:09:09  JL ->  How realistic are those skyscraper greenhouses in cities?
 23:09:16  carolteach4 ->  Our kids read [i]Seedfolks[/i]in 7th grade about the healing effect of community gardens. I've heard that whole communities have read that book together.
 23:09:49  LorrieD ->  Our friends are raising chickens for eggs in Redwood City. Fresh eggs!
 23:10:24  PeggyG ->
 23:10:50  mjmontagne ->  I would much rather pay $6-$7 for pastured eggs in comparison to store bought, industrial raised eggs
 23:11:11  carolteach4 ->  My son raises chickens an ducks. I haven't purchased an egg since last summer. It is terrific.
 23:12:07  carolteach4 ->  What is the Spanish overlay? a translation? I can barely hear the conversation.
 23:12:08  LorrieD ->  What do you do in Madison for fresh veg and fruit in winter?
 23:12:50  PeggyG ->  is there a difference with the impact on cholesterol in pasteurized eggs ?
 23:12:52  LorrieD ->  @carolteach4: turn down the slider volume on the second window (Puentes al Mundo Studio).
 23:13:19  LorrieD ->  Turnips?  We love turnips but can rarely find good ones here in the markets.
 23:13:19  PeggyG ->  you can mute the Spanish channel-click on the sound icon on it
 23:14:29  PeggyG ->  when I grew up in Montana we always had a root cellar to store our homegorwn vegetables for the winter
 23:14:53  PeggyG ->  that's what is so confusing about the cholesterol information and eggs
 23:15:18  derrallg ->  @peggyG you make a good point that people figured out how to live this way a long time ago
 23:15:36  PeggyG ->  yes!
 23:16:35  PeggyG ->  this is making me very hungry :-)
 23:17:30  PeggyG ->  you've convinced me about the grassfed cows!
 23:18:13  mjmontagne ->  WOW...1.1 million barrels every week!
 23:18:14  PeggyG ->  wow! what a powerful statistic! we need to get that in the chat log!
 23:19:47  mjmontagne ->  hey 13awin!
 23:19:55  13awinham ->  hello
 23:20:00  JL ->  How much does govt policy favor the big bad megafood industry?  How hard will it be to fight their lobbying efforts in providing incentives to local food/organic folks?
 23:20:08  PeggyG ->  what a great learning experience! making your own yogurt!
 23:21:02  PeggyG ->  that's a great question--where do you start?
 23:21:07  LorrieD ->  Great question.!!!
 23:21:32  LorrieD ->  Where could I even buy locally produced milk near my home?
 23:21:44  mjmontagne ->  thanks for listening in to Earthcast...the Gator Radioe team is rocking wiht Mr. Fay about local eathing
 23:21:58  mjmontagne -> can get raw milk here...
 23:21:59  PeggyG ->  pick ONE thing--we can all do that :-)
 23:22:11  LorrieD ->  Here? Where, Matt?
 23:22:16  mjmontagne ->  California actually allows the sale of raw milk in stores
 23:23:14  derrallg ->  will need to alter food budget but slow would work for me
 23:23:14  PeggyG ->  such great segments from Gatorradio!! fantastic show!
 23:23:47  malaika-gatorradio ->
 23:24:09  mjmontagne ->
 23:24:11  LorrieD ->  So the raw milk comes from somehwere locally?
 23:24:25  mjmontagne ->
 23:24:32  PeggyG ->  I need to investigate if raw milk is legal in AZ stores-great suggestion
 23:25:13  kcaise ->  this is so fascinating
 23:25:14  LorrieD ->  Making all your own things is very time consuming though. Who has the time?
 23:25:19  PeggyG ->  what an inspiration!
 23:25:50  LorrieD ->  The good foods are found around the outside aisles of the markets.
 23:26:01  kcaise ->  shake n bake is cooking to me
 23:26:23  PeggyG ->  funny Kim! I was thinking something similar--microwave cooking
 23:26:27  LorrieD ->  Annie is in the room!
 23:26:40  kcaise ->  yep, lots of microwave, sandwiches and cereal
 23:27:10  LorrieD ->  There's a balancing act.  Making stuff from scratch, fresh takes time.  
 23:27:35  PeggyG ->  the movie Supersize Me will convince you about not eating fast foods!
 23:28:21  LorrieD ->  Yes, we have some great ones here in Menlo Park and Redwood City.
 23:28:46  LorrieD ->  But it's farther to drive to the farmer's market than it is to our local store. 
 23:28:58  PeggyG ->  thank you so much Mr. Fay!!
 23:29:27  PeggyG ->  thinking "local" is definitely a good place to start making changes
 23:29:51  LorrieD ->  I like putting money in the right pocket strategy.
 23:30:09  kcaise ->  when i was single it was hard to eat healthy was it was so expensive
 23:30:09  derrallg ->  a lot of good information
 23:30:24  PeggyG ->  boy are my bookmarks and tabs growing tonight! so many great new resources-thank you everyone!
 23:30:40  LorrieD ->  Don't hear Paul and LInda.
 23:30:44  kcaise ->  no but peggy is here
 23:30:53  JL ->  This is Varsity Webcasting 
 23:31:04  PeggyG ->  now that's funny!!
 23:31:17  mrsdurff ->  8:00? 12 midnight here
 23:31:19  kcaise ->  and jeff is here in case you need a filler
 23:31:34  PeggyG ->  8:30pm in CA and AZ :-)
 23:32:06  kcaise ->  how cool matt
 23:32:07  PeggyG ->  another example of the power of social networking!!
 23:32:10  mrsdurff ->  3:30GMR?
 23:32:14  LorrieD ->  Awww.....that's nice. :-)
 23:32:15  mrsdurff ->  GMT
 23:32:15  JL ->  Eco-badgers
 23:33:03  LorrieD ->  What earth-friendly things have the listeners done around their homes?
 23:33:09  mrsdurff ->  \A free for all!
 23:33:12  malaika-gatorradio ->  Please call in!
 23:33:21  LorrieD ->  What's teh dial in number?
 23:33:22  PeggyG ->  Can we get Mr. Fay to type that fantastic quote in the chat log?
 23:33:49  mrsdurff ->  +9900827048484880 i think
 23:33:49  kcaise ->  is matt in california?
 23:34:00  LorrieD ->  Tx. @mrsdurff
 23:34:21  LorrieD ->  How big is the house they're building?
 23:34:31  JL ->  any pix online?
 23:34:40  LorrieD ->  Natives plants = poison oak here in Portola Valley.
 23:34:42  annie-gatorradio ->  5,600 square feet
 23:34:55  LorrieD ->  5,600: that's really big.
 23:34:59  kcaise ->  at there are a few pics in the flickr feed jeff
 23:37:14  LorrieD ->  Audio for Paul is good.
 23:37:50  PeggyG ->  great model of the home :-)
 23:39:54  PeggyG ->  construction site tour of their home
 23:40:36  PeggyG ->  it's hard to imagine 100 solar panels on the main roof of the home!
 23:41:49  mjmontagne ->  I think it is 20-30 KWh
 23:42:11  malaika-gatorradio ->  The house is absolutely incredible.
 23:42:37  mjmontagne ->  I agree Malaika
 23:42:44  mjmontagne ->  the swimming pond is cool
 23:42:53  LorrieD ->  Will solar power their entire house?
 23:42:55  malaika-gatorradio ->  the wine celler was cool too
 23:43:07  mjmontagne ->  thanks for playing the picts
 23:43:16  mjmontagne ->  those are picts from our visit to their house last week
 23:43:28  LorrieD ->  What's the approx. cost of the house?
 23:43:57  PeggyG ->  we had a pond like that in Massachusetts years ago but it also had snakes and critters!
 23:44:38  PeggyG ->  I'm so glad you posted those photos on Flickr Matt! They really help to understand how incredible this is!
 23:44:59  PeggyG ->  that is exactly the question I wanted to ask! Thanks!!
 23:46:25  LorrieD ->  How is the house insulated against the heat so that you can avoid A/C?
 23:47:12  mjmontagne ->  old soultions (rain water harvetsting) to big problems
 23:47:18  PeggyG ->  can you build a home like this in a colder location like Maine?
 23:47:35  LorrieD ->  @PeggyG: good question.
 23:47:45  malaika-gatorradio ->  I will ask that in a second!
 23:48:26  LorrieD ->  Will the design and components used in this house scale to higher density areas?
 23:48:57  PeggyG ->  this is fascinating!!
 23:51:02  mjmontagne ->  it is ...they also are not using Paint or chemicals anywhere!
 23:51:21  PeggyG ->  6 themes for the house- gathering place, outside in, environmentally regenerative, multi-generational, global sensibility, and sense of soul
 23:51:33  LorrieD ->  How they handle waste disposal?  Septic?  Acreage?
 23:51:43  PeggyG ->  very thought provoking!
 23:53:03  PeggyG ->  what an exciting experience with President Obama!
 23:54:18  PeggyG ->  but what about the lack of sunshine for solar??
 23:55:23  LorrieD ->  @PeggyG: lots of solar in Calif. You can move here. :-)
 23:55:38  PeggyG ->  lots of solar in AZ too!!
 23:56:04  LorrieD ->  Ohh, AZ. Right.  What about Oregon, Washington?
 23:56:18  PeggyG ->  that's what I was wondering LorrieD
 23:56:22  mjmontagne ->  the numer 1 solar country in the world is Germany ...they get less sun than Wisconsin
 23:56:26  malaika-gatorradio ->  efficiencyy!
 23:56:47  PeggyG ->  tell us more about that Matt-very interesting
 23:57:07  LorrieD ->  Water will ultimately be our most precious resource.
 23:57:13  JL ->  If this is Wiley of 'Go Green', gotta say I'm lovin' that song
 23:57:14  PeggyG ->  very helpful explanation
 23:57:39  LorrieD ->  Progressive effort on the part of the government.
 23:57:45  minhaaj ->  Hey all
 23:57:54  minhaaj ->  Morning from Pakistan :)
 23:58:01  LorrieD ->  Good morning!
 23:58:17  The Wiley One ->  it is Wiley !  Thank you for the compliment.
 23:58:24  PeggyG ->  great analogy about the bucket!
 23:58:32  LorrieD ->  Gosh I hope so!\
 23:58:39  PeggyG ->  Hi Minhaaj! Welcome back!
 23:58:50  minhaaj ->  thanks Peggy :) 
 23:59:33  LorrieD ->  Less paper and more electronic communications.
 23:59:51  PeggyG ->  what are the power sources for technology? solar?
 00:00:29  LorrieD ->  Carpools
 00:00:30  PeggyG ->  are we going to get to see those PSAs for go green?
 00:01:14  malaika-gatorradio ->  If you want to see them I can post one t the blog
 00:01:32  PeggyG ->  yes please do! I would love to see them!
 00:01:37  mjmontagne ->  fascingating talk
 00:01:44  mjmontagne ->  Happy Earth Day everyone!!!
 00:01:55  minhaaj ->  GM also started a project called EV cars powered by electricity but oil mongers didn't like it
 00:02:06  PeggyG ->  Wow! another incredible hour!!
 00:02:42  PeggyG ->  the Earth Savers were the BEST!! such an inspiration!
 00:03:32  PeggyG ->  Every time I hear the Gatorradio team I am soooo impressed! You are fantastic!
 00:03:58  minhaaj ->  way to go GatorRadio
 00:04:03  minhaaj ->  I am jealous Matt :)
 00:04:45  mjmontagne ->  thanks minhaaj
 00:05:06  PeggyG ->  I can't get that tiny url to work--can you post it in the chat?
 00:05:24  annie-gatorradio ->
 00:05:25  LorrieD ->  Sam C. got "green" music. Aw.....
 00:05:26  annie-gatorradio ->  oops
 00:05:27  JL ->
 00:05:39  annie-gatorradio ->
 00:05:42  annie-gatorradio ->  hmm
 00:05:45  kdp ->  The girls at Gator Radio rock, Love Kylie, Devon and Piper
 00:06:04  malaika-gatorradio ->  Thanks girls, you were great!!
 00:06:06  mjmontagne ->  Please support Wiley...he allowed us to ploay this tune during can get it at itunes
 00:06:22  The Wiley One ->  enjoy the song guys ... go to for more info
 00:06:25  derrallg ->  thanks Gator Radio
 00:06:40  annie-gatorradio ->
 00:06:49  annie-gatorradio ->  that is the extened version of the map
 00:07:45  minhaaj ->  ok guys tweet hashtag is #earthcast09?
 00:08:54  PeggyG ->  thanks annie for that link-finally was able to leave my mark :-)
 00:08:54  mrsdurff ->  yes

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