From the Archives: Earthcast09, Hour #19.5-Westlake High School (Austin, TX) Enviro Science Students

AP Environmental Science Teacher Bob Murphy and his students from *Westlake HS in Austin, TX USA participate in Earthcast 2009 by sharing stories from their field experiences. Click here to access the podcast recording.

We're happy to report that Bob and his 121 students will be participating live again this year in Earthcast! Bob's students will also be creating a series of pre-recorded podcasts on a variety of environmental topics. These podcasts will be featured during Earthcast 2010 on April 22nd. 

Interested in having your students contribute and participate in a similar kind of way?? Leave a comment here with your contact information or email us at earthbridges at gmail dot com.

*Fun sidenote: Westlake HS happens to be the former high school of Super Bowl winning quarterback, Drew Brees!!!





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